Best of Stacey and J Sbu: 3 moments you can't miss

Best of Stacey and J Sbu: 3 moments you can't miss

Some exhilarating moments with your favourite duo...

5 times Stacey and J Sbu broke the internet!/ Stacey and J Sbu
5 times Stacey and J Sbu broke the internet!/ Stacey and J Sbu

If you've been tuning in to East Coast Radio, you already know that Stacey and Sbu never disappoint! Your favourite duo have shared a blend of laughter, vibes and thought-provoking discussions with you. 

Here’s a wrap-up of three standout moments you can't miss from this past month:

  • Which superhero should run the City?

Would Batman's vigilant justice, Spiderman's friendly nature or Wonder Woman's compassionate leadership be better suited for the job? The duo's hilarious and insightful takes, combined with your call-ins, made this day unforgettable!

Catch it on air at 15:38 today. LISTEN LIVE HERE

  • What is written on your ID and who are you known as?

Stacey and J Sbu asked you about the names on your IDs versus the names you are commonly known by. J Sbu is someone who is not known as their ID name but rather a nickname. Many of you chimed in with your take and ultimately, this lead to another discussion over whether people change their names after marriage or not. 

Take a listen to this riveting chat here: 

Coming in hot, we have...

  • Is copycatting the best form of flattery or just annoying?

After an ECR listener, Sne, shared that people are copying her mannerisms at university, Stacey and J Sbu asked KZN if they ever had any copycats and how they managed the situation. Locals phoned in, sent voice notes and messages, spilling all the tea about their copycats. Catch-up on what you missed here: 

If you missed any of these moments, be sure to catch the replays and join the fun. 

TUNE IN to Stacey and J Sbu at 15:00-18:00 today. LISTEN LIVE HERE

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