Dan Shaw releases vibrant 'African Christmas' song

Dan Shaw releases vibrant 'African Christmas' song

African Christmas ke Dezemba time is great!

Dan Shaw
Dan Shaw / Supplied

KwaZulu-Natal singer Dan Shaw is spreading some festive cheer this holiday with her new song, 'African Christmas'.

The Afropop artist released the "vibrant and happy" track in time for you to add it to your  festive season playlist

Dan hopes that 'African Christmas' will portray the true meaning and spirit of Christmas in South Africa and Africa. 

"It is a day to embrace family, friends, holiday, summer, music, laughter, child play, great food and generosity. It is a fun-loving song about showing gratitude for life and all creation and to give thanks for all we have been blessed with. African Christmas ke Dezemba time is great! " a statement from the musician reads.

Dan's South African-infused Christmas will have you and your family dancing all Christmas long. 

"We don't got no snow for Christmas but we got the sunshine/ And nothing's gonna change my mind/ I'm only feeling good vibes," the 30-year-old sings. 

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Dan is known for incorporating African rhythmic elements into her pop sound. 

One of her latest songs, 'Wash Over Me',  appeared on the ECR Top 40 with Danny brought to you by CTM in November. 

Some of the other songs she released in 2023 include 'Uyalalela', 'African Sky', and 'Kudala'. 

You can find more of her tracks on Spotify and Apple Music.

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Main image credit: Facebook/Dan Shaw


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