Cooking vlog goes terribly wrong

Cooking vlog goes terribly wrong

Always, always keep a fire extinguisher on hand...

A pot is on fire left on the deck and a girl stands close by with wet cloth
A pot is on fire left on the deck and a girl stands close by with wet cloth/TikTok Screenshot/@duwiey1

Cooking is a form of relaxation for many people and when doing it, there is a sense of individuality that sometimes comes through. 

That could also translate into disaster sometimes, especially when there is a recipe to be followed. 

For one content creator, things ended in flames after she attempted cooking. 

What was worse was that after taking the flaming pot outside, the pot fused to the decking. 

We admire that she felt comfortable, sharing her attempt at Googling "how to put a fire out". 

All in all, people were intrigued about how the fire started, and we cannot say we blame them. Everyone wants to know the deets to avoid this happening to them. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@duwiey1 We’re gonna try again #fyp #cookingfail#zela ♬ Oh No - Kreepa


Sadly, it seems her second attempt also ended in flames...

Ag shame man, all they wanted was something to eat...

Maybe trust the takeout menu for now?

Watch the second video on TikTok below. 

@duwiey1 We just wanted something to eat 🥲#fyp #cookingfail #zela ♬ EHHHHHHH EH EH EH - sk.Ninga
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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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