Confession: "My baby mama spent our child's gift money to buy something else"

Confession: "My baby mama spent our child's gift money to buy something else"

It's like the saying goes, the key to a great relationship is communication. 

Hands giving and receiving wrapped presents
Hands giving and receiving wrapped presents/Pexels/@ANTONI SHKRABA production

Someone has a confession to make...

Every week we release a confession on the streets of Mzansi and get KZN to weigh in with their unfiltered thoughts.

This week we are addressing a father's concerns over his baby mama making decisions without talking to him first.  

This week's confession reads as follows: 

"I gave my baby mama money to buy OUR child a ps5. It has come to pass that she took that money and bought two separate gifts for our child as well as her other child she shares with someone else. I don't think this is right: my child is upset and doesn't understand. I'm furious. What am I to do?" 

As much as some might say parenting is difficult, we have got to say that co-parenting is much, much more challenging. 

Finding a balance with your style of parenting when you are in a relationship with your child's other parent is difficult. Yes, you won't always be on the same page, but you find your way eventually. 

But when you are a co-parent, it's about sharing time with your child and having to make decisions together, while sometimes dealing with all the underlying tension.


Do you think what the baby mama did was fair? 

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