Confession: "I have fallen out of love with my boyfriend"

Confession: "I have fallen out of love with my boyfriend"

The harsh reality of falling out of love with someone you once adored.

A couple who are not happy together sitting on a couch
A couple who are not happy together sitting on a couch/iStock/Ridofranz

Someone has a confession to make...

In collaboration with, we've decided to detail some of the wildest confessions on the streets of Mzansi and get KZN to weigh in with their unfiltered thoughts.

This week we are talking about breakups and how sometimes you can love someone, but no longer be in love with them. 

The confession that caught Stacey Norman's eye went something like this: 

"I have fallen out of love with my boyfriend. He's sleeping in bed next to me while I'm writing this. Love, I want you to see this and know it's meant for you. We both know this isn't working...but I can't end this by myself. I know we've almost broken up a few times, but we kept fighting for the relationship. I need you to bring it up one last time - I won't fight anymore. I promise we'll be happier. We'll be okay." 

There are so many people who long to be in relationships, but sometimes being in a relationship doesn't equate to being in love. 

Love is a tricky thing, it can make you feel so giddy and then fizzle out without any warning. The woman who made her confession sounds truly saddened by her love story. 

It brings up the conversation of bravery and honesty, two very independent concepts that come together in relationships. After all, it takes a certain amount of bravery to enter into a relationship and honesty has always been a pivotal part of any relationship. 

It sounds like she doesn't want to be the one who says it first because she doesn't want to hurt him. 


Isn't it funny that in life there are rarely moments where only one person gets hurt in any sort of relationship? 

Here's what people had to say on the post:

  • "You decided to tell everyone besides him?"
  • "Yoh not like this" 
  • "Doing this through a confessions page is so backwards and disrespectful to your partner. Being so selfish that you do something like this is crazy." 
  • "All the oaks in capetown gonna bring up a fight with their girl now."

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Image Courtesy of iStock/Ridofranz

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