Confession: "It's hard not to compare my life with my sister"

Confession: "It's hard not to compare my life with my sister who is getting married"

A younger sibling shares that they find it difficult not to compare life and goals with her older sister...

Woman's hands showing while she sits on couch stressed
Woman's hands showing while she sits on couch stressed/iStock/@JacobWackerhausen

Someone has a confession to make...

In collaboration with, we've decided to detail some of the wildest confessions on the streets of Mzansi and get KZN to weigh in with their unfiltered thoughts.

This week we are talking about feeling unfulfilled with where you at in life and comparing your life to others. 

The confession that caught Stacey Norman's eye went something like this: 

"My older sister is getting married soon and I'm moving back in with my parents at the end of the year. It's hard not to compare lives and goals."

We are no experts in the field, but when it comes to life, there are many things that will stand in your way when you are on your journey of discovery and achievement. 

But comparing your life with someone else is by far the worst thing you can do to yourself. Everyone is different, no two people share the same exact life and therefore there is no point. 

They say the only person you should compare yourself with is who you were yesterday and that can be difficult to do when you see your friends and family doing the things. 


But only you can change your story, because you are the author. 

Here's what people had to say on the post. 

  • "Everyone moves with their own pace. Don't be so hard on yourself." 
  • "Your sister is your sister.
    You are yourself.
    Focus on yourself instead of comparing yourself to your sibling. Draw inspiration and move forward." 
  • "everyone goes at there own pace. don't be hard on yourself because your not there yet. enjoy the journey while you can love🤍" 
  • "You are exactly where you need to be. Just know that what is meant for you will never pass you by." 
  • "It’s cliché, but comparison really is the thief of joy. Your journey is yours alone and you need to walk it for a reason. It prepares you for things she won’t need. But you need to also remember to do everything you can to put yourself in positions to make your own life better because although your parents are helping you, no one is coming to save you. Be kind to yourself while you feel behind, I hope it gets better." 

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Image Courtesy of iStock/Jacob Wackerhausen

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