Confession: "I don't know who to spend Valentine's Day with"

Confession: "I don't know who to spend Valentine's Day with"

Fellas, what would you do if your mom's birthday is on the same day as Valentine's Day?

Hand holding bunch of pink flowers
Hand holding bunch of pink flowers/Pexels/@Olena Bohovyk

Someone has a confession to make...

Every week we release a confession on the streets of Mzansi and get KZN to weigh in with their unfiltered thoughts.

This week we have a confession from a guy who shared that his mother's birthday is on Valentine's Day. It's a big deal this year because he is in a relationship...

This week's confession says: 

"I've got a confession to make, and it's been weighing on my mind. My mom's birthday falls on February 14th, Valentine's Day. Usually, I spend that day with her to celebrate her special day, just the two of us. However, this year, I'm in a relationship, and I'm not sure how to break it to my girlfriend that I won't be able to spend Valentine's Day with her because I'll be with my mom. I know Valentine's Day is supposed to be all about romance and spending time with your significant other, but family comes first for me, especially when it comes to my mom's birthday because she's a single mom. I don't want my girlfriend to feel neglected or unimportant, but I also don't want to let my mom down. What should I do?" - Ed

We can respect that Ed puts family first, but it is also a difficult position to be in, especially considering he is in a new relationship. 

You know how new love works, you feel all giddy and your mind's a whizz. But family is family, and what's more, is that his mom is a single mom and there's something special about that. 

When a son wants to celebrate his mother on her special day, we think he should because that says a lot about a person. The girlfriend may just look at him with different eyes knowing that he has a tradition with his mom on her birthday. 


They can always do something for Valentine's Day another day, perhaps that might be more romantic...

What do you think?

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