Lions on the prowl: British tourist rescues fellow safari goers at Kruger National Park

Lions on the prowl: British tourist rescues fellow safari goers at Kruger National Park

A British holidaymaker on safari in South Africa made use of his quick wits to shield a broken down car from two large lions.

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Richard Sandiland's South African safari vacation took a hair-raising turn when he spotted a fellow tourist stranded on the dusty track. However, it wasn't a mere flat tyre that had them sweating – it was two enormous lions lurking nearby.

The British holidaymaker made haste as he went into full-on hero mode! Sandiland was at the Kruger National Park on 12 May when another visitor flagged him down.

They had a flat battery and were in dire need of assistance.

According to Independent, Sandiland steered his vehicle into a defensive position, creating a barrier between the tourists and the big cats.

Another good Samaritan joined in, using jumper cables from their own car to breathe life back into the stalled vehicle. 

The engine roared back to life, a symphony far sweeter than any lion's call. Relief washed over everyone as they peeled away from the scene, forever bonded by their brush with danger. 

"It was definitely scary," Richard later admitted, "I guess that lion could have been on us in seconds.”

Staying with all things lion-related, last week ECR Newswatch reported that authorities were alerted after a pair of lion cubs, known as Nala and Simba, were spotted in a yard in Westville.

Sabeehah Paruk says she arrived home on Tuesday to find the SPCA and police at her door.

"I got home from picking up my daughter from school and I saw the SPCA van here and I panicked. I immediately woke up my brother, and I told him they are here for the cubs."

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