#BestOf2021: J Sbu and KZN listener Tatum went on a date... and now what?

#BestOf2021: J Sbu and KZN listener Tatum went on a date... and now what?

It all started with a private message via Instagram which led to an actual date, but how is the "romance" looking eight months later?

Shoot your shot, J Sbu's Coffee Date
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When Stacey and J Sbu say, "If you miss out on the show, then you miss out on a lot", they mean it! 


The year got off to an exciting start when Stacey and J Sbu revealed that J Sbu had received a saucy private message from a stranger. It started out as a flirtatious string of messages on his Instagram but it ended really awkwardly.

A KZN woman named Tatum decided to 'shoot her shot' at J Sbu, but unfortunately for her, the advances were met with a polite dismissal.

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Things also became super awkward when J Sbu got a little surprise on-air one day...

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Just like KZN, we were so impressed by Tatum's sheer confidence and eventually, everyone's investment in this potential relationship convinced J Sbu to consider going on a coffee date with her just so that they could at least meet.

J Sbu, being the nice guy that he is, agreed to the date... but then there was radio silence. 

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After weeks of Stacey asking if the date had happened, J Sbu and Tatum managed to get together - and we got a front-row seat to the whole thing.

Not only did the coffee date happen between the two, but Stacey - always the helpful partner in crime to J Sbu, tagged along to help him through the date, as of his own admission, J Sbu had been out the dating game for a while. 

Watch what went down here:

Now we're coming to the end of the year and our curiosity had gotten the better of us.

Obviously, this had been one of the highlights of the show this year and we haven't heard from Tatum for a while.

So instead of asking J Sbu how things have been going and if anything happened after the date, we called up Tatum to hear what the deal is:

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