Are you friends with your co-workers outside of work?

Are you friends with your co-workers outside of work?

Uh, that's a tricky one because some people do and some people are on the fence about it. 

Co-workers taking a coffee break and chatting
Co-workers taking a coffee break and chatting/Pexels/@August de Richelieu

Being part of a community is something that many people thrive on. On the other side of the spectrum, we have loners or floaters; people who are happy in their own company and don't need a tribe to survive. 

When at work, we find that we either find people that we gel with and form bonds with them or we only connect with them at work and that's that. 

A person took to Reddit to find out why co-workers invest in relationships with their co-workers.

The person found that being kind and cordial to co-workers during working hours was all well and good, but going over and above that was just not 'it' for them. 

Of course, there was a mixed response to their question. Some said that making friends was better than not, while others shared how they have special and meaningful bonds with their co-workers. 


Sometimes you find your tribe through work. Just as some friends become family, some co-workers become friends. 

It seems that being friends with your co-workers comes with a host of benefits. According to an article on News24: "Friendships at work provide enhanced innovation, feelings of psychological safety and compassion."


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