Are slops acceptable in the workplace?

Are slops acceptable in the workplace?

It's a flip-flop Friday...

Person wearing flip flops
Person wearing flip flops/ canva

Navigating the working world ain't easy. As Durban's famous summer begins to launch its attack, we have to be prepared. 

With the rise of Birkenstock-like sandals and "chilled fashion", this begs the question...

Are slops acceptable in the workplace? Share your vote with us below: 

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To answer this burning question largely depends on the industry and workplace culture. 

In creative and tech companies with casual dress codes, you may find employees sporting flip-flops without raising eyebrows. On the other hand, in more formal and conservative industries like finance or law, flip-flops are generally considered inappropriate

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There are so many factors to consider, one being the weather. Durban can get super hot. Sometimes you've got to "let the dogs out", as Stacey Norman shares. 

To slop or not to slop? There is no straight answer but only a suggestion.

When in doubt, choose more formal footwear, and save the flip-flops for your beach outings.

J Sbu argues: "Wearing slops comes down to confidence. If you are confident, your slops will be the last thing people concern themselves with."


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