Adult peer pressure: Yes, it does exist!

Adult peer pressure: Yes, it does exist!

Peer pressure doesn’t just disappear as you grow, in fact, a lot of adults are unaware of the impact it has on them.

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Reaching adulthood does not mean that the suffering of childhood is behind us. The way we dress, the way we look, and the incessant need to be accepted by all around us continue from our teen years well into our old age.

What is peer pressure? defines adult peer pressure as any person or group who uses their influence on a decision someone else needs to make. While peer pressure more often than not is felt by kids and teens, it can also radically impact adults.

Regardless of the age group it impacts, peer pressure is regarded as unethical and has the potential to lead to negative consequences. 

How does peer pressure affect adults?

In adults, peer pressure can be felt in a multitude of ways including through advertisements. While we develop stronger intent and emotions as we grow, adults are still more likely to obey figures of authority in certain situations.

How to deal with peer pressure

The South African College of Applied Psychology provided a few ways to resist and work through situations of peer pressure:

  • Work on your self-esteem

Having confidence in yourself allows you to feel happy with who you are and in turn, makes it difficult for you to be swayed by others.

  • Practice saying no

You have the right to refuse communication or leave a situation that you are not happy with. By setting healthy boundaries for yourself, you’ll ensure that you are able to protect yourself and what you stand for.

  • Filter your social media

Studies have shown that social media can impact people’s behaviour and the reasons why they do things. It’s essential to be part of groups that push a positive outlook on life.

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