Zodwa Wabantu buys her own casket worth R150,000

Zodwa Wabantu buys her own casket worth R150,000

The socialite has started making arrangement for her burial. 

zodwa wabantu casket pic

Zodwa Wabantu is no stranger to controversy but it seems she still has new ways to shock people. The socialite has taken to social media to confirm that she has started organising her own funeral. 

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She has even purchased her own casket which she says is valued at over R150,000. Wabantu took the gold-trimmed coffin for a test drive and remarked that the casket was 'very comfortable'. 

According to Zodwa, although she has no reason to think she will need it soon, she is starting to plan her funeral so people don’t complain that she was popular but didn’t save money for her death.

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Would you organise your own funeral while you’re still alive, and what would you want to be done on your burial day?

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