#DearDiary: Learning to trust family with your secrets

#DearDiary: Learning to trust family with your secrets

Dear Diary is getting back into the swing of things as she heads back to work after her maternity leave. 

Dear Diary

Dear Diary is drowning herself in work. It is a welcomed distraction for her and it helps ease her daily anxiety. She still has not come up with a plan on how to come clean and confess to her husband. 

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Her girlfriends' have suggested that she finds a family member she trusts whom she can talk to about her situation. 

Her friends believe that she should tell her family first before her husband. So, that when she does confess to her, husband her family is not blindsided by the news. 

She has finally identified the family member who she feels she can trust with the news. 

Listen below to find out who it is...

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