#DearDiary gets spiritual advice from a church elder

#DearDiary gets spiritual advice from a church elder

Dear Diary and her husband are at a church elder's home after service but something inside her didn't feel right.

Dear Diary

The conversation at the table is light and carefree. The elders are a respected married couple in the community and they attend a local church. 

They have prepared a scrumptious meal and Dear Diary's husband is especially happy. He is a proud African man who enjoys his traditional cuisine. 

Dear Diary has been so occupied with the baby and her own troubles that she has not found the time to prepare home cooked meals for her husband. She has instead opted for ready-made meals that just need to be reheated and takeaway food. 

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The kind lady from church noticed that Dear Diary was not herself during the lunch and pulled her aside to talk. This is when Dear Diary told her the truth. 

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