#DearDiary: At last, the lover speaks!

#DearDiary: At last, the lover speaks!

You have heard about her journey down the aisle, the infidelity, and the lies. Now it's time to hear from the man whom she had the affair with - the father of her baby...

Dear Diary

Whilst listeners in KZN were left in shock after every episode of #DearDiary, many often wondered how could the man, known as her lover, willingly have an affair with a married woman?

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Why would someone pursue a married woman? What kind of man would agree to hide the paternity of his child? These were just some of the questions that Thandolwethu and the East Coast Urban listeners had.

'The lover' recently joined us in studio to talk exclusively to Thandolwethu about it all.

Listen to part one of the interview below:

Listen to part two of the interview below: 

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