#DearDiary: A story about being newly-married, adultery and pregnancy

#DearDiary: A story about being newly-married, adultery, and pregnancy

During 2017, East Coast Urban launched a radio drama called #DearDiary, which followed the journey of a young KZN wife. Listen as she takes us through her walk down the alter and life thereafter. 

Dear Diary

#DearDiary kicked off in September 2017 with a diary entry penned after the wedding day - a day which most women and men reflect on with great euphoria and love. This, however, was not the case for #DearDiary. 

This begged the question; why would #DearDiary marry her husband? In her very revealing diary entries, she shared that she was looking for security when her now husband came along. 

However, her walk through married life was not an easy one for her. With each entry that she made, she took us on a journey which was filled with laughs, grief, smiles, and even anger.

On paper, her husband was everything that she was looking for in a potential partner. However, the reality was that they did not have any chemistry. 

It was a series of entries which gripped KZN listeners and had everyone on the edge of their seats. And as for the end - a cliff-hanger of note!

Take a listen to the entire season one of #DearDiary below:

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