WATCH: When a smash and grab attempt doesn't work out!

WATCH: When a smash and grab attempt doesn't work out!

When your plan doesn't work out!

Smash and grab attempt doesn't go according to plan/Facebook/eThekwini Secure

Sometimes, things don't go according to plan- in life and in crime.

That's what happened in this attempted smash and grab incident on the highway.

A video posted on Facebook group eThekwini Secure has shed some light on an attempt gone wrong.

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Watch the video below as a smash and grab attempt doesn't work out:

With criminals always finding new ways to expand on their 'craft', it's important to stay aware of what's happening around you.

If you're at home, it's also important to know how to react when criminals invade your home.

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There are new ways to hijack a car in South Africa - and it is rather worrying...

New reports have shown that every 25 minutes, a car is hijacked in South Africa. This is due to the common trends or styles that criminals use to get these vehicles. 

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