WATCH: Bad timing as coconut falls off tree onto biker's head!

WATCH: Bad timing as coconut falls off tree onto biker's head!

Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time!

Video of coconut falling on pillion riders head/Today Online


We did 'nut' see this coming!

Imagine cruising down the street on your pillion, enjoying the wind in your hair and the cool breeze on your skin... and then a coconut falls on your head.

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Thankfully, apart from the pain of a coconut hitting your head, the biker was not harmed in any other way.

Check out the video of a coconut falling out of a tree and onto a pillion rider's head below:

We've all heard the line, 'more people die from falling coconuts than from shark attacks', but is this true?

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According to Coconut Information, that belief is just a myth.

But it's hard to get a definitive answer as it is also circumstantial, right?

Here's a little more information on whether falling coconuts kill more people than sharks per year:

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We'll let you decide, but if you're ever in the vicinity of a coconut, we suggest you play it safe and rather not put the myth to the test!

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