WATCH: Adventurer finds Incredibly rare footage of shark "walking" on land

WATCH: Adventurer finds Incredibly rare footage of shark "walking" on land

Adventurer Forrest Galante went to the Island of the Walking Sharks in Papua New Guinea.

Epaulette shark
The epaulette shark found by adventurer, Forrest Galante/Discovery Plus

When we found out that there are sharks living inside volcanoes - our minds were blown!

If you missed that story, then you need to watch the video of the underwater Kavachi volcano erupting, releasing 'mutant' sharks into ocean

But, before we digress, adventurer Forrest Galante has documented a species of sharks, named the epaulette shark, from the Island of the Walking Sharks

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The footage forms part of Discovery+‘s Shark Week coverage. 

Forrest travels the Earth in search of rare wildlife that are believed to be extinct. For instance, on an expedition to South Africa - yes, our South Africa - Forrest found the flapnosed houndshark, an animal that had not been documented by science for over 100 years. 

Galante was born in California, but shortly after his birth, his family moved to our neighbours in Harare, Zimbabwe.

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In his latest expedition, Forrest and his crew found the rare epaulette shark in Papua New Guinea - which he describes as, "half shark, half amphibian".

Watch the video of the episode of the rare epaulette shark below:

Watch Forrest Galante talk about the Island of the Walking Sharks below:

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According to Wikipedia, the epaulette shark species is found in shallow, tropical waters in Australia and Papua New Guinea (and possibly elsewhere?). These sharks are named from the very large, white-margined black spot behind each pectoral fin, reminiscent of military epaulettes. They're usually under 1m in length and have a slender body, with a short head and broad, paddle-shaped paired fins. 

Watch him talk about the conditions they encountered during the adventure:

If there's one Forrest that we would encourage to make a run for it - it's him! When you look at the dangers he's encountered on his adventures, they are insane!


I first discovered Forrest Galante on an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience and this was one of the most fascinating episodes, ever. 

My initial goal was to find out more about the Amazon and the mysteries that lie below the surface and it led me to this video on the craziest things he found in the Columbian Amazon.

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Say what you want about Joe Rogan, but the man's curiosity has been a source of some of the most fascinating conversations.

If you would like to have your mind blown by more of his expeditions, he first appeared on the popular podcast in 2019.

I was so incredibly fascinated by the work he does that I watch the entire episode - twice!

Listen to the Joe Rogan Experience #1240 with Forrest Galante episode below:

Forrest ran back for another episode on the Joe Rogan Experience #1403 with Forrest Galante, where he shared even more incredible discovery stories from around the world.

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