WATCH: Incredible footage of "ghost" octopus seen lurking in the ocean

WATCH: Incredible footage of "ghost" octopus seen lurking in the ocean

Now we know why they call him Casper... but is he friendly?

Footage of casper the octopus/National Geographic

Imagine lazily floating in the ocean and you spot this creature. Okay, we know we could never float at the depths stated below, but you. catch our drift, right?

With its short and stubby arms, this white octopus peered with those beady eyes, nobody had ever seen an octopus like this until it was captured by an underwater robot in Hawaii at a staggering depth of 4,290 metres. 

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Based on its ghostly appearance, it was, naturally, given the nickname, Casper.

Casper was first spotted in 2016.


Until the discovery of Casper, the only cephalopods recorded at these depths were Dumbo octopuses - another cartoon reference. Octopuses like Dumbo were often seen swimming around as deep as 6,957 metres.

According to the Guardian, Janet Voight, associate curator of invertebrate zoology at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, was in awe of this majestic creature.

What also surprised scientists - and us - are it's short arms, because according to Voight, “the shallower and more tropical you are, the longer and thinner your arms”, she told the Guardian.

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What a majestic and mysterious world we live in, right? 

This is just another indication of just how little we know about what lurks under the sea - clearly it's the place to be. Did you catch our own cartoon reference there? Wink!

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The ocean is filled with all sorts of majestic beasts and sometimes they appear on our shores.Remember the giant octopus that recently washed ashore?

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Or when we were so intrigued by the mystery of what lies beneath the surface of the Botanic Gardens? The mystery was eventually solved!

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It is also a well-known fact that we only know about less than 10 percent of the oceans inhabitants.

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Look, we can go on forever down this rabbit hole, but we just wanted to leave you with this one...

Listen to the story of David Choe getting lost looking for the mysterious Mokele-Mbembe dinosaur in the Congo, one of the most fascinating stories we've ever heard. 

Watch the video below as Choe tells the story on the Joe Rogan Experience:

*the video below contains explicit language

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