Nicole Wilmans is the Sole Survivor!

Nicole Wilmans is the Sole Survivor!

Season eight of M-Net’s “Survivor SA: Immunity Challenge

Nicole Wilmans is the Sole Survivor!

After braving the harshest elements on the Wild Coast, Nicole was awarded her R1 million cheque for her win of Survivor SA: Immunity Island. 

Mike V, who is a former castaway and superfan of the show, wanted to tap into Nicole's mind and learn more about what it took Outwit, Outplay and Outlast her way to millionaire status. 

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"You have to work hard to keep your head in the moment. You're so deprived from food and sleep. But I had to keep reminding myself that it was only going to be 39 days- it couldn't get worse. My mantra became 'This too shall pass.'"

At 26, Nicole is Survivor SA's youngest ever winner. Mike was especially interested in how Nicole managed to perform as well as she did despite her comparative lack of life experience when compared with older castaways, as he felt it was a massive factor when he was the youngest castaway when he played. 

"I almost forgot about my age," said Nicole. "The game was already so complicated, so I tried to connect with people on a human level."

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Nicole is the first woman to win Survivor SA in almost a decade, and despite her game appearing as more understated than her flashy counterparts, her charge to victory was superb, as it relied on social bonds and taking her opportunities when they mattered. 

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