KZN man who was stuck in Afghanistan has returned home to Sherwood

KZN man who was stuck in Afghanistan has returned home to Sherwood

Kerwin van der Merwe has safely returned home

Kerwin van der Merwe family
Beautiful Thursday we hope you'll have. We are at least starting it with some great positive news of Kerwin's return!

Last week, we featured the story of Kerwin Van Der Merwe, who is a KZN man and was stuck in Afghanistan. The scenario on the ground had grown increasingly volatile and complex, and Kerwin was desperate to get home.

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The story of this remarkably brave man took hold of KZN's hearts, and we traced his story last week on Mike V's early breakfast show on East Coast Radio. People were moved by his positive outlook, despite facing an intensely stressful scenario. Kerwin is a father of a young family, and the province held its breath as he faced the increasingly challenging task of evacuation.

Finally, in the last few hours, the news we've all been waiting for has arrived- Kerwin is safely returned to Sherwood, and has been reunited with his loved ones.

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Mike V had a chat with Kerwin now that he is safely back home to find out more about his experience. Kerwin was in Afghanistan for three years, and has a fascinating insight into a tumultuous scenario. His eventual trip home saw him travel on military, and commercial flights through a number of different countries, including Uzbekistan. In his story, the dedication of strangers is inspiring, and the moment he returns home will melt your heart.

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Kerwin is a fire safety officer at an airport in Kabul. And when the recent withdrawal of US military forces in the region incited social upheaval, fears of a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan arose.

Kerwin is an experienced firefighter, and has worked at airports across the globe. He is also a devoted family man from Sherwood.

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It was obviously so frightening for someone so far away from family and friends to be going through such traumatic events in another country. But fortunately, he was making an attempt to secure passage back to Durban, which he successfully accomplished. 

It was a totally different  tune when he spoke to Mike V last week in Afghanistan. Stuck and stranded. 

Take a listen: 

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This entire story is a reminder on how to channel some of Kerwin's positivity in our own lives.

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