Has this man watched more movies than anyone else in KZN?

Has this man watched more movies than anyone else in KZN?

Do you think you have watched 800+ movies? 

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This man might just have outdone most, if not all, of us in watching movies. Is it possible that one of the listeners amidst us is keeping count of the number of movies he's watching? Yes, it seems to be the case here. 

Mike was received a voice note from Masole, who said that he was on the brink of watching his 900th movie.  

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He was immediately intrigued- how and why did Masole keep track of the number of movies that he had watched? 

“I love lists and movies, so naturally, I decided to make a list of every single movie I’d ever seen. I started when I was old enough to write and at that point, I’d only seen a handful of movies so it’s likely that the number I have is correct.” 

Obviously, after watching 899 movies, Masole is a de facto movie expert. Mike wanted to find out which film he felt is the most overrated he’s ever seen. 

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“Definitely Avatar. It was huge budget and had massive press. If you watch Pocahontas and paint everyone blue, it's the exact same movie.” 

Masole needs your help. He isn’t decided on which movie needs to be his 900th, as he’d like it to be a special occasion. You need to send your recommendation for the big event to [email protected], and Mike V will pass the message along to Masole.

Now, according to one of KZN’s biggest movie buffs, which film do you need to watch on your next movie night? Listen to the podcast below to find out. 

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