EXCLUSIVE : Binge-worthy 'Tali's Joburg Diary' is "sooo good!"

EXCLUSIVE : Binge-worthy 'Tali's Joburg Diary' is "sooo good!"

Helloooorr... Best. News. Ever. 

Tali's Joburg Diary
Tali's Joburg Diary/ supplied

Are you in the mood for a proudly South African binge-worthy comedy?

You're in luck. 'Tali's Joburg Diary' is now streaming on Showmax.

Since 'Tali’s Wedding Diary' launched on Showmax on 14 December 2017, it has been "beyond fabulous, so sharp and absolutely hilarious."

The mockumentary followed Tali (Julia), a self-obsessed Sandton princess who’s moved to Cape Town and is filming the build-up to her wedding to her sweet property agent fiancé Darren (Anton Taylor). 

And the newest version is even better! Here's a snippet of the trailer below:

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Social media personality Tali not only rocks our TV screens but also brings the show to life with a real Instagram, @tali_babes!

We caught up with Julia to give us the inside scoop on this exclusive Mzansi show: 

So if you’ve been sleeping on the first two seasons of South Africa’s best comedy, let’s catch you up on where it all began.

Julia Anastasopolous, known for her role as Suzelle DIY, has a quirky sense of humour that brings the essence of South African characters to life. 

These beloved videos racked up millions of views thanks to Julia and director, Ari Kruger. This shared sense of humour was part of what brought them together and they had lots to laugh at in the build-up to their wedding - enough for a mockumentary, it turned out. 

"We are gagging over this cheetah faux-fur Cape Town queen who struts her stuff in this third edition," says Stacey Norman. 

If you're keen to give it a try, add 'Tali’s Joburg Diary' to your Showmax watchlist.


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