Stop scrolling mindlessly

Stop scrolling mindlessly

If you're addicted to scrolling down your social media feeds, here are some tips on how you can kick the habit. 

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Most of us are guilty of waking up in the morning, turning over, switching our WiFi back on and then the social media binge begins. One story rolls into the other, and the story goes on. 

These habits are often carried into our day, a quick scroll between emails, while we're having lunch and between conversations with our loved ones. 

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If you're addicted to  scrolling like a lot of the world, here are some tips from Forge Medium

  • Admit you have a problem - the first step in battling any addiction is recognising you have one. 

  • Turn off your notifications - the key to cutting back on mindless scrolling is to look at your phone less overall. 

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  • Don’t sleep next to your phone - checking your phone first thing in the morning isn’t great, but it’s worse to check it at night. 

  • Put your phone in another room - kicking an addiction works best when you remove the temptation.

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  • Leave your phone at home altogether - get yourself used to being occasional 'phonelessness', by leaving your device at home for short walks or errands, or keep it in a different room when you’re home.

  • Turn on grayscale - it might be useful to put your phone in grayscale mode, which removes the colour from your phone entirely. 

  • Take the apps off your phone - access apps via your desktop instead

  • Set boundaries - when breaking a bad habit, it’s best to be intentional. Set specific boundaries for phone usage. 

Stop using your phone excessively. Stop, smell the roses, read a new book and enjoy the new season!

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