Parents listen up: Your bad habits are making us go crazy

Parents listen up: Your bad habits are making us go crazy

Laughing too loud, nagging, being too pushy - there are a lot of things that our parents do that we wish we could unsee or stop them from doing because it has become a bad habit.

Parents carrying son on shoulders on beach vacation

Parents can be a handful at times, especially when their bad habits leaving you trying to hide in the nearest bush. 

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On Wednesday, Stacey & JSbu asked KZN: What is the one habit you wish you could help your parents unlearn?

"I wish my parents could explain their actions before imposing their authority/ Ideals on me. ‘It is their way or NO way’," said Stacey. 

There are surely a lot of things our parents do that don't sit well with us at times and that we would love to address and definitely change for our own benefit and to save your relationship with your parent. 

One listener even said: (A Alex Mtumtum Maziboko) - "Locking my myself in my room all day long they must check if am okay."

Have you ever helped your parents unlearn a bad habit?

Listen to the podcast to hear what KZN had to say. 

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