Man saves dog from extremely hot car

Man saves dog from extremely hot car

This man saved a dog from a boiling hot car by using an axe to smash the window. 

Man smashes car window
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It was 35 degrees Celsius, and this poor pooch was locked in a car when a passerby decided to save him from the heat.

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According to Metro, the unnamed man fetched an axe and set about trying to break the glass on the front passenger-side window. Onlookers said that the dog was trapped inside the car for 45 minutes while the owner and her daughter were shopping at a nearby mall. 

After several strikes, the car window was shattered, and the dog was given some fresh air. 

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According to PETA, leaving a dog inside a car with or without windows open is a death trap.

Here's what you can do if you see a dog trapped inside a vehicle. 

  1. Gather info - get information about the car
  2. Notify others
  3. Monitor the dog
  4. Call for help - if the owner doesn’t show up or doesn’t do anything, call the SPCA. And if all else fails, do what’s necessary to save the animal’s life.

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