Live updates: Two Durban cousins hitch-hiking to meet Ellen DeGeneres in LA

Live updates: Two Durban cousins hitching to try meet Ellen DeGeneres in LA

Luke MacDonald and Jordan Deall - the 'Hitched' series guys - are two Durban-based cousins who are currently on the journey of a lifetime. Every week they've been sharing updates as they hitch-hike their way to Los Angeles with the hope of meeting Ellen DeGeneres.

Luke MacDonald and Jordan Deall  / Instagram - Hitched
Luke MacDonald and Jordan Deall / Instagram - Hitched

Many have called them crazy for attempting it, but that has not stopped Luke MacDonald and Jordan Deall (known to many as Luke and Jords) from attempting one crazy adventure.

Back in August last year, they hitch-hiked their way to see the world’s largest dinosaur in Congo. It took them 110 days to get there, and now they are back on their next journey with bigger hopes.

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It's been over seven months and the pair, along with their cameraman Donovan Orr, are making their way from Durban, South Africa - all the way to Los Angeles where they hope to hang out with Ellen DeGeneres on her couch to tell her about their wild adventures. 

They recently shared this video update of their travels and got their fans to tag Ellen with the hope that she sees it. 

They are currently in Russia making music for cash to embark on their next journey.

Their dedication and spirit of adventure is to be admired and we're hoping that Ellen gets to see the lengths they've gone to and reaches out to them.

Every weekend since March, they've been sharing updates on East Coast Radio's Weekend Breakfast with Jane Linley-Thomas.

"What I love about this journey is that it is fueled by the love and kindness of others and really highlights humanity and shows us the capacity that we can love and look after each other, depending on complete strangers for transport, food and shelter," says Jane. "Travel safe boys!"

Catch the latest #HeyEllen, it's Jords and Luke here episode in the podcast channel below (or start at the beginning if you've missed their updates):

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