Nickelback Interview: Forget about the photograph, listen to Danny's interview!

Nickelback Interview: Forget about the photograph, listen to Danny's interview!

Another big interview on the ECR Top 40 with Danny.- Nickelback!

Nickelback on ECR
Nickelback Interview: Forget about the photograph, listen to Danny's interview/Image credit: Nickelback/Facebook

Danny landed another massive interview on the #ECRTop40 - proudly sponsored by CTM.

Nickelback is one of the biggest bands of our generation - whether you like to hear it or not!

If ever there's a band that divides music fans around the world, it's them.

No matter which side of the fence you choose, you can't deny the monumental success of the lead singer, Chad Kroeger, and his bandmates.

Nickelback just released their latest album, 'Those Days'.

The self-titled lead single is currently charting on the #ECRTop40.

Danny had a chat with the band, so sit back, relax and listen to Nickelback on the #ECRTop40 with Danny:

Watch Nickelback's music video for 'Those Days' below:


British pop star Becky Hill joined Danny Guselli on the ECR Top 40 to talk about her latest single, touring again, and weird fan stories.

Musicians all around the world were forced to stay home when COVID-19 hit, but there's been a transition back to 'normality in late 2021.

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If there's one thing we love, it's chatting to people from around the globe; it's even better when that person is a global superstar.

Danny had the pleasure of hosting Becky Hill on the #ECRTop40 and they got to chat about all things music and life.

One of the craziest stories from the interview?

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Listen to the full interview below and play along in Becky and Danny's 'Are we best friends' game:

Watch a live performance of Becky performing her hot new single 'My Heart Goes' -featuring Topic.

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Main image attribution: Nickelback/Facebook

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