Milky Chance vocalist opens up about music, friendship and life

Milky Chance vocalist opens up about music, friendship and life

Milky Chance's hit single 'Colorado' has been one of the hottest songs on the #ECRTop40. The German band caught up with ECR Top 40's Danny to find out more about the single, music and life.

Anthony Molina/Milky Chance

When we first heard Milky Chance's new single, 'Colorado', it definitely got us into that Summer mood. The band's single comes off their latest album, 'Colorado'.

Milky Chance first broke into the music scene when the smash hit 'Stolen Dance' started to gain some serious traction around the globe. 

The band originates from Kassel in Germany and we couldn't help but feel nostalgic taking a trip with them down memory lane. 

ECR Top 40 host Danny caught up with vocalist and guitarist Clemens Rehbein and took it all the way back to that moment.

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Clemens shares a stage with his best friend, bassist and percussionist, Philipp Dausch. 

Have you ever wondered what's it must be like living your dream, playing music and traveling the world with your best friend?

Just like all creative around the world, the last year and a half has been a challenging time. How has the band been coping with performing around 160 shows a year to almost none whatsoever?

The band toured South Africa in 2015 and thoroughly enjoyed their time here and definitely have plans to perform here again.

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Listen to the full podcast below and enjoy this really charming conversation:

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Thank you so much to Clemens for taking the time to chat with us. We can't wait to watch them live in South Africa, again.

Watch a snippet of Milky Chance live in South Africa in 2015:

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Image attribution: Anthony Molina/Milky Chance

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