Listen: Jethro Tait’s brand-new, breathtaking new single ‘Will You Stay’

Listen: Jethro Tait’s brand-new, breathtaking new single ‘Will You Stay’

Jethro Tait unveiled ‘Will You Stay’ as his first independent single when he released it across all digital platforms. Tait shares the equally emotional music video for ‘Will You Stay’

Jethro Tait/Supplied/Canton Parker

Are you ready for this one? Jethro returns with an incredibly heartwarming, comforting new single that has us all feeling a little emotional - in a good way.

Jethro delves into the theme of the single, saying “’Will You Stay’ is about trying to find the courage to ask for support when you need it and asking those around you to stick with you even after you’ve opened up about your darkest moments. In all honesty, I feel super ashamed of myself for feeling the way I do and I don’t always know how to talk about it. In the scheme of things my life is pretty great. I have people around me who I love and who love me. I live a blessed and privileged life. When you have all of these things, how do you explain to someone that you still feel lonely and out of place in the world? It seems like a trivial thing to bring up when you compare it to the immense struggles some people out there are facing. Especially with everything going on in the world.”

Tait wrote “Will You Stay” in April of this year and during the demo recording process, he used his own vocal to create the choir heard in the final song. If ever there’s a lesson in patience, it would be with this task. To create the chorus sound, Tait had to record himself over 50 times in his home studio, singing different harmonies and trying to change the tone of his voice in each take. After recording his demo, Tait took the song to Potchefstroom to work with producer Ewald Jansen van Rensburg, from producer duo “Pop Kult”, where they finalized the production and did the final lead vocal recording.

Watch the music video below:

The music video carries a similar message to the song, one that has been a continued subject throughout the last few releases from Tait, who has found a brave voice within himself to talk about this. “Although I’ve sung about mental health issues quite openly, I still find it very difficult to talk about. In reality I don’t really talk to anyone about these things, but I’ve found some comfort in putting these feelings into my music. Through releasing songs like ‘SAD’ and ‘Weirdo’, I’ve heard from a lot of people who have said they are dealing with similar things and that the songs have helped them through some tough times. It’s made me feel less alone and less “weird” and I hope my music continues to do the same for the people out there who it resonates with.”

‘Jethro Tait – Will You Stay’ is out now on all digital platforms


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Main image attribution: Jethro Tait/Supplied/Canton Parker

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