Jeremy Loops releases new EP, Souvenirs

Jeremy Loops releases new EP, Souvenirs

Led by the hit single This Town ft. Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Jeremy Loops today releases his new EP Souvenirs. 

Jeremy Loops/Universal Music Group

The EP, the product of Jeremy using time locked down at home after years of extensive touring, sees the singer-songwriter and producer deliver an adventurous, creative body of work unlike anything he’s released prior.


‘I remember at the start of the pandemic last year feeling frustrated. I had my album nearly finished and a huge tour in support of it in the works and then boom. Just stuck at home,’ Jeremy Loops explains. ‘Once that sinking feeling of my plans getting screwed cleared, I saw an opportunity. I asked myself what type of music I’d want to make given there was no pressure or expectations or even a tour, and especially because I knew we’d push my full-length album back.’

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The lead single This Town, an anthemic track featuring the legendary Ladysmith Black Mambazo, was the first release to come from this approach. ‘I just took a leap of faith and asked them and they were so gracious and receptive’, explains Jeremy. ‘And I’ve always wanted to release a pure acoustic song with just vocals and guitar, zero other instruments, and we did that.’ He adds. ‘And I’ve also always wanted to flip the model of releasing a studio version of a song first by releasing its acoustic version. You don’t get to do stuff like this with an album, but an EP? There are no rules.’


Jeremy Loops says Souvenirs is a catch all term for the collection of memories and experiences he’s had while writing this EP. ‘For me, this EP is equal parts play and meditation. Mirror-like, but also a seminal and special time for me as a songwriter making music at a time the world stood dead still.’

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In partnership with Universal Music Group South Africa, Decca Records, and Polydor Records, Souvenirs is out now on all major.

Souvenirs Track List:

  1. This Town (ft. Ladysmith Black Mambazo)
  2. On The Wind
  3. Let It Run (Acoustic)
  4. Postcards (Acoustic)
  5. Sit Do


In support of Souvenirs and its lead single, Loops has also announced his ‘This Town’ tour of South Africa, where most shows sold out within 24 hours of announcement. Tickets for the tour are available here:

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