Is public breastfeeding really an issue?

Is public breastfeeding really an issue?

Why do people seem to have a problem with breastfeeding in public? Do you not eat whenever you're hungry? Should babies then not be fed when in need?


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Bongani's friend this past week shared with him how upset he was at the audacity of a passenger on a plane who complained about a woman breastfeeding her infant. A fellow passenger, who was sitting next to the woman, wanted to change his seat, or have her removed from the flight.

"I could not believe that a passenger would cause such a scene over this. I mean, when he's hungry, does he not grab a bit to eat? What's different here? Why should a baby not be fed when they're crying for food? Why should they only be fed indoors away from prying insensitive eyes," says Bongani.

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