Should dads be present at the birth of their baby?

Should dads be present at the birth of their baby?

Bringing a new life into the world is hard work. East Coast Breakfast wants to know if both parents should be actively involved in the birth of the baby? Is it compulsory for the dad to be present?

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Listen to what KZN thought of the 'dad being present at the birth of the child' debate or read the details under the podcast.

Fabian Delph has come to terms with the possibility he will have to miss one of England’s matches at the World Cup so he can return home to attend the birth of his third child.

Of course, when Darren and Sky caught news of this, both of them were utterly shocked. They could not believe that there's a chance that he may miss a World Cup match to witness his third child being born. Sounds like something the 'Mrs' would be mad over if he missed it, right? 

Should the dad be present at the birth of his baby? Comment below, or vote in our poll. 

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