Political Analyst: 'Jacob Zuma has become unhinged'

Political Analyst: 'Jacob Zuma has become unhinged'

President Jacob Zuma's interview following his recall has left many confused. Listen as a Political Analyst gives her take on it.

Jacob Zuma

If you've been following the news online or on-air, you would know that many are talking about Jacob Zuma and his exclusive interview with the SABC.

According to Newswatch, the President had a lot to say during the interview. In short, he slammed the ANC for not following their own policies and denied doing anything wrong.

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#ZumaExit trended on Twitter, with many sharing their live updates and quotes from the man himself during the interview. 

If you didn't get a chance to catch the interview or simply did not understand what went down, the East Coast Drive Team got an expert opinion on the interview from Political Analyst Sanusha Naidu.

Take a listen to what she had to say below:

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