'I cut my hair and my boyfriend broke up with me'

'I cut my hair and my boyfriend broke up with me'

Relationships are hard enough without all the extra stress life throws at them, but what if your boyfriend broke up with you because you decided to cut your hair? How would you react?

Sad woman by door / Pexels
Sad woman by door / Pexels

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On Tuesday, Mags told us about a conversation she overheard at the office.

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"Someone in the newsroom was talking about a friend who was dumped because she cut her hair really short without telling her boyfriend beforehand. Her boyfriend said it was one of his favourite things about her and now that her hair was really short, she looked like a different person," Mags explained.

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The responses we got were mixed. Bongani felt that if that's what the boyfriend wants, then he has the right to do so because when he met her, she had long hair.  

Here's what some of our fans on Facebook had to say: 

"It would be really awesome cause it would change their look completely and code bring a new zing into the relationship" - Ashika Teja

"That depends...why did you date the person? If it's coz [sic] of there hair then I give up" - Reesha Govender 

"U are an individual, do what u like if ur partner doesn't like then they can move on, clearly its not love, it was about looks" - Denise Nair Naidoo 

"Love is unconditional" - Lindile Hlabisa 

"That's absurd.. Nie noo man" - Kelsy Kia 

Watch the video of Bongani and Mags have a conversation about the topic with listeners:

Listen to the podcast to hear how the conversation went down. 

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