Bongani confronts listener’s ex-boyfriend live on air

Bongani confronts listener’s ex-boyfriend live on air

We’ve all experienced days where confrontation looks us straight in the face and we have to make the decision to fight or take flight. How good are you at handling confrontation?

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Listen to the podcast or read below:

On Tuesday the Drive team spoke about how people deal with confrontation. 

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Everyone has different ways of dealing with confrontation, some people are comfortable with it, while others absolutely hate it. We now know Bongani has no problem with confrontation after he called a listener’s ex-boyfriend and confronted him about his behaviour.

If you hate confrontation, WikiHow ( gives 5 great steps to help calm a confrontational situation down: 

  1. Use neutral, non-confrontational body language.

  2. Avoid crossing your arms, rolling your eyes, avoiding eye contact, or turning away from the person. ...

  3. Speak in a calm voice. ...

  4. Apologize, even if you haven't done anything wrong. ...

  5. Resist the urge to give commands.

Listen to Bongani confront the ex-boyfriend and what listeners had to say about confrontation. 

Read what KZN had to say about confrontation: 

Watch the video of the Drive Team talk about confrontation:

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