Alcoholic chooses death by lethal injection

Alcoholic chooses death by lethal injection

A 41-year-old alcoholic chose to end his life as he said death was his only option.


Mark Langedijk, a 41-year-old from the Netherlands, decided that he could not continue living his life being an alcoholic and made the decision to request doctors to end his life by lethal injection. 

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His family was devastated and did everything in their power to help him. He suffered through his addiction for eight years and was admitted into 21 different rehab facilities, with each visit doing nothing to stop his drinking.

When Mark told his brother Marcel about his idea to end his life, Marcel said that “euthanasia was for people with cancer who are suffering… euthanasia was certainly not for alcoholics”. On many occasions, Mark said that he felt he was "a dead man walking".

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Mark’s family could not contain their emotions when doctors explained the procedure to them. He was enthused on 14 July.

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