Kurt Darren's family survive accident in Pietermaritzburg

Kurt Darren's family survive accident in Pietermaritzburg

The musician took to social media to thank the authorities and God.

Kurt Darren Car Accident

South African musician Kurt Darren has thanked God after his family survived a car crash in Pietermaritzburg, KZN. 

On Saturday morning the singer took to social media to also thank the authorities for swiftly attending to his family at the accident scene which took place on Friday, 11 December.

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In an instagram post, Darren wrote: "Captain Dolf Otto, my family and I will always be grateful that you and your team were at the scene of the accident so quickly yesterday afternoon. The fact that you called for help to bring my wife, children and family from a deserted stretch of highway to a safe haven speaks volumes of your humanity, thank you very much!"

The musician's wife, their two kids, his mother-in-law and aunt were in a white Volvo when another car swerved in their direction, hitting their car from the back - there were no reported injuries.

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IMAGE CREDIT: Instagram/KurtDarren

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