World’s thinnest watch sells for R500,000

World’s thinnest watch sells for R500,000

Timeless elegance or an unnecessary expense?

Bulgaria thin watch
Bulgaria thin watch/ X

Luxury brand Bulgari has just dropped a brand new watch that is making waves in the fashion industry. This fashion house has just created the world’s thinnest mechanical watch that is priced at a whopping R500,000.

Meet the Octo Finissimo Ultra Cosc, boasting a mere 1.7mm in thickness, trumping Richard Mille's RM UP-01 Ferrari by a hair-raising 0.05mm — barely wider than a human hair!

This record-breaking achievement marks Bulgari's ninth world record for producing exceptionally thin watches.

So thin is in? Not quite…

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While this watch may be chic among the wealthy, others do not see a necessity in this design. 

Take a look at a video showcasing the features of this super thin watch:

A new world record: Octo Finissimo Ultra Cosc | Bvlgari Watches

This one-of-a-kind watch retails for for $27,500.00 (R522,740) excluding taxes. Wowza! 

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While this watch may be a world first, it is definitely not attainable for most South Africans. The question on our minds is, do people still wear timepieces?

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