Woman married to tree celebrates first anniversary

Woman married to tree celebrates first anniversary

One wood imagine this is what is meant by "wonders never cease".

Woman marries tree

A woman in Liverpool, England, is celebrating her one-year anniversary of being married to a tree.

Kate Cunningham, otherwise known as Kate Elder, would not have her life set up any other way after her husband put a ring on it last year, and to celebrate, she spruced herself up for a one-year anniversary photoshoot.

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Woman marries tree

The mother of two says that her husband, who resides at Rimrose Valley Country Park in Sefton, is 'the one'. 

"I think getting married was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not once have I thought that I shouldn't have done it. It's something that I feel like happened at the right time.

"Despite causing a little bit of embarrassment for my 15-year-old, he sees the bigger picture now and understands what it's for," Kate was quoted as saying.

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For her, this is more than just a marriage. It is a form of protest to raise awareness of illegal logging and land clearing. Her biggest hope is for her marriage to attract attention to a campaign to save Rimrose Valley Country Park from being transformed into a bypass by Highways England.

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