When will the new vaccine Sinopharm be launched in SA? Prof Tulio shares

When will the new vaccine Sinopharm be launched in SA? Prof Tulio shares

Should we be excited for this third vaccine joining the two we already have?

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Prof Tulio joins us this Wednesday morning. He answers all the COVID-19-related and vaccine-related questions our KZN listeners have. We know we can rely on him and his advice because he is one the world's top virologists, virus-hunters, and bioinformaticians from UKZN's KRISP. 

One of the questions highlighted this morning asked whether a certain antiviral pill could help prevent COVID-19?

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This is a pill by Merck, who had announced that the pill can help severe illness. He shares whether it could be an alternative to taking the vaccine? 

A listener, Nishara, also asked whether there was a difference between the first and the second Pfizer vaccine - is one stronger than the other? This is a question that most people have been asking and you'll be happy to find out the answer. 

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Are you looking forward to donating blood but are anxious whether it might not be the appropriate time because you previously had COVID-19 or got vaccinated? Prof Tulio shares the time frame that one should wait until doing the good deed. 

The question that will interest you and everyone else looking to get vaccinated - there's a new vaccine by Sinopharm that is supposed to be launched in South Africa. When will it be launched and how does it compare to the others available? 

Take a listen as Prof Tulio answers all these pressing questions: 



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