WATCH: "What made him think warthogs are friendly?"

WATCH: "What made him think warthogs are friendly?"

A perfect example of... 'the calm before the storm'.

Warthog attack

We all love going to the zoo or game reserve to enjoy nature and seeing wild animals; we know Keri Miller definitely does! 

It didn't go as beautiful as he expected for this man taking the video. 

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He is seen taking a video of the wild animal as it makes its way in his direction; he tries to pet it and speaks to it as you would a dog. and it did not end very well for him.

Have a look:

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Hopefully this is a lesson to the curious gentleman and future tourists who get a little too excited.

Wild animals are exactly that - animals. 


Tweeps also chipped in with laughs, emphasising that you should not 'play' with a wild animal like that. 

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Stay clear - and safe - if you're heading to a game reserve these holidays! If you're looking for some adventure this holiday season, check out the places to see, stay at, or visit in KZN.


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