Juvenile African penguin found on a KZN beach

Juvenile African penguin found on a KZN beach

The South African Association for Marine Biological Research shares that when you come across a penguin at a KZN beach, it is highly likely that it is stranded. 

'World's oldest' African penguin dies
uShaka Sea World

A week ago an African penguin was found stranded on a beach in Salt Rock. It was reported as the first African penguin to be discovered on a beach this year. 

Once it was found, the African penguin, named Amber, was admitted to the uShaka Sea World's penguin hospital. It is shared that she was thin and dehydrated when they discovered her. 

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If you've watched 'Madagascar', you'll know that those penguins ended up on several beaches and they were usually stranded on arrival. Although, with them, they always came up with a plan. 

On a more serious note, it is important to notify SAAMBR should you come across a penguin on the beach. 

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Amber is in a much better condition than when they found her. After she had a higher than normal parasite load, which required monitoring, she was given rehydration fluids, antibiotics, and deworming medication and left to rest. 

The penguin now consumes eight sardines a day and, while she may spend most of the day resting, the team at uShaka hope she will soon recover enough to spend the day on her feet.

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Fortunately, she had no other external injuries.

Again, should you come across a stranded penguin, SAAMBR urges you to not attempt to return it to the water.

Please contact SAAMBR as soon as you are able to on 031 328 8222 to report stranded penguins.   


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