WATCH: Uninvited guests raid Sky Tshabalala's place

WATCH: Uninvited guests raid Sky Tshabalala's place

Sky expressed to the team that he feels very disrespected.

Sky Tshabalala
East Coast Radio

Sky Tshabalala is still shaken after an incident that happened at his place on Thursday evening.

He was at home catching up on the latest sports news when he heard a noise in the kitchen. He got up to inspect, with a golf club in his hand - because he was ready to defend himself from whoever the intruder was - but after looking outside, he realised that he was out-numbered. 

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After going out and leaving one window open, even though he had seen a number of these thieves outside his place prior to leaving, he got back to find his place turned upside down. In the kitchen, his nuts were eaten and all he could smell was banana.

 Listen to Sky tell the story below:

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See how damaged his place was in the video below:

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IMAGE CREDIT:  East Coast Radio

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