Sky Tshabalala lived in luxury

Sky Tshabalala lived in luxury

The lunch stories between the Breakfast team have taught us a thing or two about where they come from.

Sky Tshabalala
East Coast Radio

One of the best things about Darren, Keri and Sky is the banter between the three of them. 

No one is exempt from being trolled, not even themselves, and this time Sky Tshabalala was made fun of.

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When the team played a game of Bingo Ball, Sky's "luxurious" lifestyle was the talk of the studio. 

Do you remember Darren's painfully funny utterances about brussel sprouts and Keri's story about how her gogo sometimes missed the mark with their school lunch? Well, when it was Sky's turn to reveal which lunch he hated, he didn't as much as get two sentences in because Darren and Keri were ready to roast him.

Listen below.

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IMAGE CREDIT: East Coast Radio 

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