WATCH: Tragedy and chaos at Travis Scott's AstroWorld concert

WATCH: Tragedy and chaos at Travis Scott's AstroWorld concert

Eight people have died at the AstroWorld Festival in Houston, Texas.

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If you have been seeing #AstroWorldFest #Astrofest all over your social media platforms, it is because what was meant to be a thrilling 2-day event with performances featuring various artists and the main act, Travis Scott, turned into a horrific night claiming the lives of 8 people. 

According to TMZ, before the show even began, there were signs of trouble as fans knocked over barricades and rushed into the venue.

Have a look here: 

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50,000 people filled the sold-out venue and around 9 PM that's when the trouble started. 

People began surging toward the stage resulting in people getting crushed and panic ensuing among the festivalgoers. 

Multiple people were on the ground as the stampede headed towards the stage uncontrollably leaving others injured and screaming for help from security and fellow audience members. 

What has been the main concern for people around the world is how Travis Scott continued performing regardless of the mess that was in front of him. He later said that he was "unaware" of the severity of the situation..

This is one example: 

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This is another video with fans walking onto the stage hoping to alert the artist to call out for security and help to be given to fellow festivalgoers who were hurting. 

Watch this: 


Instagram user @billynaser shared footage from the crowd with an unstable girl who had been on the ground.  

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Houston fire chief Samuel Peña told reporters early Saturday morning. "People began to fall out, become unconscious, and it created additional panic."

He added that a "mass casualty" was triggered resulting in 17 people being taken to hospitals and 11 cardiac arrests, respectively.

More than 300 hundred people were treated at the scene where a field hospital set up in NRG Park, according to NBC.

No cause of death has been given for the eight people who died, the fire chief commented.

A viral video shared by an unnamed festivalgoer was described as  "a concert in hell."

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According to another video, attendees danced on the roofs of police vehicles while security personnel attempted to help unconscious individuals.

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So, what really was meant to be an amazing moment in the lives of Travis Scott's fans turned into an untimely tragedy and trauma for so many fans and crew members.

Among the 8 people that died were a 14-year-old and a 16-year-old. 

Global debates continue on whether or not Scott is to be held accountable for the actions of the teenagers and fans that attended the event and the lives that were lost. Furthr investigations will clarify more onnthe matter.

The rapper cancelled the rest of the event.

A reunification center was set up at a nearby hotel for a family member of any of the festivalgoers to find them.  


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