Travis Scott reveals new, very unusual collaboration

Travis Scott reveals new, very unusual collaboration

This collaboration comes as a complete surprise, but fans are definitely going to be satisfied.

Travis Scott

Scott has confirmed his latest collab this week. And, no, it's not a new song featuring another artist.

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Fans became suspicious after one of the world's most popular fast-food chains, McDonald's, tweeted the following:

People thought that the cactus might be referring to Scott, who frequently refers to his alter ego Cactus Jack, and it has since been confirmed that there is indeed a partnership.

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Both parties have revealed more about the collab:

What should fans of both McDonald's and Travis expect from this partnership?

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Well, Travis will have his very own official meal on the menu, which is all his favourite McDonald's items: a beef Quarter Pounder with lettuce, bacon, and cheese, along with a medium fries and BBQ sauce dip, and lastly a Sprite. 

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🍟 we can be gang if u like ketchup like me. Lol

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The 'SICKO MODE' star is only the second celebrity to ever be honoured with an official McDonald's meal, with the only other star being the iconic Michael Jackson in 1992, who had the 'McLean Deluxe' meal on the menu.

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But this collab is more than just a menu item, Scott has also designed custom apparel that the McDonald's employees will be wearing while the promotion is running.

Then there will also be some charitable efforts introduced in communities in the United States and as we all know, when it comes to modern partnerships - there will probably be more surprises revealed along the way.

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