SEE: The latest Adidas collab is full of famous faces

SEE: The latest Adidas collab is full of famous faces

From Queen Bey to the Kardashian-Jenner clan, you know you've made it when you get an exclusive Adidas collab.

Adidas collab

Everyone loves a good sneaker, whether you are a collector or not.

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Over the last few years, sneakers have become a fashion staple and people are not just buying these shoes for comfort.

It's about collecting them, taking care of them, and searching for those rare finds that are so incredibly valuable.

But of course, the main objective is to have a pair of shoes that look absolutely fire!

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Adidas Stan Smiths are considered to be the OG's of the sneaker world and since their creation, they have been produced in almost every colour, pattern and many stars have put their own personal spin on this classic design.

The latest collaboration has the little kid inside of all of us freaking out though.

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No matter what your age might be we can guarantee this: you will definitely be freaking out in the best way possible when you see these.

Now get ready for that wave of nostalgia because here they are!

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Adidas has come together with Disney, Marvel and Pixar to create designs that will have every cartoon/superhero-loving child (or adult) wishing they owned a pair.

Some of the "ambassadors" include "Peter Pan's" Tinker Bell, WALL-E, and even the Hulk.

Disney adidas collab
Kermit the frog

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For this collection, the brand is specifically also trying to place focus on making the world a better and highlight the role each person can play in the fight against climate change.

The Mike Wazowski Stan Smiths:

Mike Monster inc

If you get your hands on even just one pair of these limited edition sneakers, you will definitely be the talk of the town and the coolest kid on the block!

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